Monday, 18 February 2013

Preston University fraud, Scam, Degree mill

Preston University fraud, Scam, Degree millGraduation day was the best day in my life. Graduating from one of the leading institute of the country is always a special occasion for all students. Stakes are high and dreams seem to be achievable. This was the precise feeling that I felt on my graduation day and still whenever I remember that day it have its own enchanting feeling.
Getting into professional life is totally different phase of life after graduation and not all students are ready to start off their careers in dream manner because of their hesitancy and reluctance to work in alien environment of professional corporations. However, the feeling was totally different for me as a Preston Alumni and I was a confident professional ready to tackle challenges of professional world that might be thrown towards me. Years after my graduation day, I still feel proud to be a part of Preston University family. However, something that almost tore my heart and choked me to the core was to see Preston University fraud, scam over different sites. Offering fake degrees to Southeast Asia students and degree mill slogans was just too much for me to immediately right this response on behalf of my institute.
I would like all students out there to know that there is no truth in Preston University scam, Preston University fraud, degree mill or any other malign statement written over the cyber space. Preston University is the greatest of educational institute that I know till today and you al should be proud to be a part of an amazing institute.

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