Monday, 18 February 2013

Preston University fraud

Preston University fraudOne can’t simply neglect the role of Preston University when talking about higher education in our country. The university is home to some of the best expertise faculty member and prodigious teaching equipment to go with exceptional learning environment. All of these traits blend together perfectly giving rise to a great educational institute that is worth studying in.
Over decades the university has proved itself as the single largest privately held educational institute in the country that have trust of thousands of students all across the country. The impregnable trust of students is clearly reflected by their support of Preston University against all the Preston University fraud, scam propaganda over the internet. The intense efforts of immoral rivals in declaring Preston University as a degree mill which offer fake degrees to Southeast Asia students have gone in vain with unprecedented support of students and their parents. The Preston University fraud, scam has almost died its own death while Preston University is destined towards an unparalleled glory in education industry of Pakistan.

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